Tired of Constant ATM Upgrades?

ADA.  Windows 7.  EMV. Now Windows 10.  Are you suffering from ATM upgrade fatigue?  Finding it hard to believe that your investment dollars today will return value uninterrupted in the future?  You aren’t alone.

Financial institutions and ATM deployers across the country are weathering yet another milestone migration, working to protect capital investment from technology obsolescence. A key factor in strategic planning is customer or member readiness for more advanced self-service solutions.  Certain demographics – millennials, urban residents, etc. – have proven quick adopters of ITM-like solutions.  What about those customers or members not quite ready to migrate to a self-service channel?  At Cornelius Systems, we’re encouraging our clients to future proof.

Make Windows 10 Conversion an Opportunity

With the rollout of Windows 10 and the hardware capable of supporting it, financial institutions have a wealth of new features and operating horsepower they haven’t had the luxury of leveraging in the past.  However, many of the most valuable features require more than just a new operating system or CPU.  To harness the breadth of available self-service features, users are being asked to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in customer software integration and project-related professional services.  Unfortunately, these costs, coupled with a customer or member base not yet ready for full-fledged self-service, often lead financial institutions down the path of simply upgrading legacy technology platforms. Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Our partners at Nautilus Hyosung have developed a product portfolio of ATMs that are field upgradeable to advanced self-service terminals when your capital budget and customer or member base are ready.  As a result, you can protect your investment today without constraining your ability to rollout new features in the future.  Here’s how we help you build a future-proof strategy:

  • Assess the current state – understand your current fleet and customer preferences
  • Review hardware, software, and professional service options
  • Co-develop a solution recommendation that meets current needs, and protects future options
  • Build a project plan – not just for near-term rollout, but for evolution over time
  • Protect assets – customize a preventive and on-demand service program that protects your investment

There’s No Time Like The Present

If you’re working your way through Windows 10 migration planning and wish you had better options, give us a call.  We’re experts in the ATM space and want to help you future-proof your investment today, so you can optimize your returns tomorrow!