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Sweatpants or a Tailored Suit?

Teller Cash Automation – Sweatpants or a Tailored Suit?

When it comes to cash automation hardware, you have more choices than ever before.  Unfortunately, few if any technology providers venture beyond the confines of their proprietary product portfolio when working with financial institutions.  As a result, many community banks and credit unions end up with a one-size-fits-all type solution.  While it is better than failing to leverage the benefits of teller cash automation altogether, it falls significantly short of more tailored approaches.

Details Matter – Observe, Evaluate, and Recommend

No two branches are exactly alike.  In fact, in many cases banks and credit unions experience sizeable variances in traffic, cash volume, and transaction types between branches – even those relatively close in proximity.  To account for these differences, you need to select a partner that takes the time to tailor recommendations based upon quantitatively-defined branch types. Anything short of a thorough analysis leads to underutilization (capacity overkill), failure to deliver labor efficiencies (under-featured), or poor implementation experiences due to poor fit (poor project management).  Lastly, avoid the temptation to purchase and deploy a unit for every two tellers, it misses the point!

Select a Scalable Service Partner

One of the constraints that often drives proprietary solution recommendations is the inability to service multiple makes and models.  If you’re looking to customize your hardware options, be sure your technology provider can support the strategy.  Working with a service organization that can expertly recommend, install, and service a variety of teller cash automation options ensures you’ll avoid the one-size-fits-all trap.

Trade in Sweatpants for a Suit

At CSI, we work with the world’s leading teller cash automation manufacturers to guarantee our customers have options.  We don’t sell sweatpants – solutions that fit, but not optimally.  We sell and support tailored suits – teller cash recyclers, dispensers, and self-service options that are customized to your unique branch requirements.  Best of all, we project manage all our implementations and service everything we sell. Looking to get the most out of your teller cash automation investment?  Prefer tailored suits over sweatpants?  Let’s talk!