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From Kelsey in the marketing department:

When I’m educating people on a topic, I find it best to tell personal stories. I like to find the relationships in seemingly unrelated concepts, and I know that blog posts are more enjoyable to read when the writer actually enjoyed writing it. Who doesn’t love talking about themselves? With that being said, stick around, and I’ll tell you a story about a special childhood restaurant. I promise it relates to Cornelius Systems and the banking industry.

Everyone knows the name of their favorite home-town restaurant. That small, family-owned establishment you grew up going to whether it was for sports games, family gatherings, birthday meals, you name it. The place never got old, you always had a good time there.

For me, The Yum Yum Tree (founded by a family in 1983) has been my absolute go-to restaurant since age three.

The food? Pretty good. The prices? Decent. The big question I ask myself – why do I continue to go back to this particular restaurant over and over again? The answer is pretty straightforward. I have not had a single bad experience there, and I’ve consistently made positive memories no matter who I was with, what I ate, how much was spent, or how long I waited.

The time they brought me the wrong plate of food? No matter. They fixed it, took it off my bill, and gave me a free dessert. The time I waited 45 minutes for my table? It’s okay, they gave me a free appetizer and soda while I waited. Over the years, they’ve managed to turn me into a loyal customer, and it wasn’t because of products or prices. The employees cared about me – my story. The friendly atmosphere, positive vibes, and impeccable service has subconsciously made me crave this childhood haven for decades. I feel comfortable there, I feel like I’m part of the Yum Yum Tree family.

Now how does one relate a dining establishment to Cornelius Systems, a banking technology sales and service company? Well, how I feel about The Yum Yum Tree is exactly how we want our customers to feel about Cornelius Systems. We cherish our small, family-owned, passionate persona. We truly want to get to know our customers and their story because we know that people naturally gravitate toward positive experiences, no matter the product or service. Anyone can sell a product, but it takes a true partner to sell experiences.

Yes, we sell money handling equipment to banks and credit unions. Yes, we service these machines – almost all makes and models. But that isn’t all we want to be known for. We want to be known as the company that infuses customer experiences with as much care and attentiveness as your favorite childhood restaurant. Because that’s what providing true, memorable service is all about.

Speaking of restaurants and food, let us take you out to dinner. We want to hear your story – we’re here to serve your bank or credit union. What better way to build a strong, technology partnership than over a bite to eat?