Is your ATM fleet a mixed bag? We’ve got you covered!

ATM Vendor Management Best Practices

Everyone loves their ATM vendor and service partner, right?  If you’re like many of the prospective customers we work with daily, you likely rolled your eyes and muttered something under your breath when you read the opening sentence of this blog.  Too often, community banks and credit unions have grown accustomed to non-responsive service, being relegated to a position of lower priority, or unreliable technicians who “have never seen this piece of equipment before.”  If this has a familiar ring to it, following the outline below will bring some much-needed relief.

Be a Student of History

ATM service, especially when evaluating a fleet comprised of multiple vendors’ equipment, isn’t easy. It takes proven pedigree and a track record of success.  When selecting a vendor, inquire about history with ATM service – number of units managed, manufacturers supported, and customers serviced in the past. Chances are if the vendor you’re evaluating has a rich history, they’ll be happy to share their story.

Look for Lifelong Learners

Technology is constantly changing, and the ATM business is no exception.  If you’re tired of dealing with multiple vendors or fed up with nonstop regulatory and technology changes, you’re likely looking for a one-stop shop for ATM sales and service.  To ensure you’re partnering with an organization that takes the changing landscape seriously, investigate how they invest in professional training.  Do they have an internal training program?  Do they partner directly with manufacturers to receive the latest in classroom and hands-on education?  If these questions are hard to answer, keep digging. Partners who are proud of their culture of lifelong learning live for fielding questions like these.

Expect a Vision for the Future

Since technology obsolescence is unavoidable you need to partner with service organizations that can manage a mixed fleet today and cast a vision for future solutions.  As self-service and video banking becomes increasingly prevalent, your partners should relish the opportunity to share a cogent product and service roadmap that protects the investments made today against being outmoded in the future.

Need Help?  Let’s Talk

At Cornelius Systems, we’re excited to tell our story.  For over 45 years we’ve invested heavily in technician expertise and we’re proud of our position as a learning organization.  Finally, we love sharing our vision for complementary ATM, self-service, and branch channel strategies in the future.  If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to call us at 877.545.5558 or email us at [email protected]today!