Customer Experience TCA

Creating Valuable Face-To-Face Interactions

From Kelsey in the marketing department:

As a marketing gal and recent hire of Cornelius Systems, I’ve been doing as much as I can to educate myself on the banking industry and CSI’s place within it. At first, the back end of banking interactions was unknown territory to me. I had no idea what a cash recycler was, and I definitely didn’t understand how much banks and credit unions rely on face-to-face interactions to keep their business going. After reflecting on my personal experiences, it has become increasingly clear how CSI provides value to banks and credit unions.

I always assumed everything was going digital and that most people were okay with that. But looking back, I’ve started to realize I’m not 100 percent okay with an all-digital world. I’m a millennial, and I think people would be surprised to hear how many millennials feel this way. Face-to-face interactions can often be more comforting, convenient and informative than digital interactions. With this in mind, banks and credit unions need to capitalize on these increasingly rare face-to-face interactions to create and maintain solid relationships with their customers and members.

I remember when I opened my first bank account. I was young, nervous and had no idea how to go about getting a debit card. I decided to visit a bank down the road, and immediately after I entered the building, I was helped by a woman standing near the door. After telling her I wanted to open my first bank account, she led me to her desk, grabbed me a water, and helped me through the process. It took no more than 15 minutes, and I remember feeling relieved after realizing how easy it was and how helpful they were.

Their comforting and exceptional customer service hooked me, and I’ve now been with this bank for seven years. If I have any account inquiries aside from simple deposits and withdrawals, I go directly inside to speak with someone. This is convenient for me, even as a millennial, because of the positive face-to-face relationship I established with them, and because I trust they will dedicate the time to educate and help me.

When I eventually experienced my first case of fraud, and a $400 charge from China appeared on my debit account, I frantically went straight to my bank. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew they would help me fix the issue right away. I was immediately greeted and comforted, once again, by a woman who removed the fraudulent charge and walked me through the dispute. Moments later she had me engrossed in a friendly conversation on how I was about to graduate from college, and she mentioned it might be time to open a credit card.

The idea of opening a credit card hadn’t really occurred to me, and after a week of mulling it over, I once again walked through the doors of my bank – unsure of what the next steps were. Just 15 minutes later I had a brand-new credit card, and the idea of opening a savings account had been placed into my head. I bet you can guess what I did the following week.

Now, after reflecting on these events, it’s extremely apparent that a single face-to-face visit for me, turned into a chain reaction of business for them. The exceptionally smooth customer service I received when I opened my first debit card kept me coming back inside for more. For years, it has consistently been more comfortable, convenient and helpful for me to go inside and speak with someone in person. They established a relationship with me, gained my trust through fast and reliable service, and eventually convinced me to do more business with them. All because of the helpful and friendly face-to-face visits I had.

Coming around full circle – I’m now part of a company that helps make these successful face-to-face interactions possible for banks and credit unions. They’re able to allocate immediate and dedicated service to their customers or members because of what companies like CSI provide for them. Cash recyclers, for example, save huge amounts of time and energy. Instead of tediously counting cash, bank and credit union employees seamlessly and quickly handle large transactions and spend more time delivering high quality face-to-face experiences to people like me. These are the experiences that keep customers and members coming back inside for more.

In an increasingly digital age, these face-to-face experiences are becoming rare. Why wouldn’t banks and credits unions invest in technology that will help them capitalize on valuable interactions? That’s why Cornelius Systems is here – to provide businesses with the necessary tools and solutions to create valuable face-to-face interactions.