Cornelius Systems – ATM History

For many of our customers and partners in the Midwest, we’re known as the cash recycler guys.  After all, we’ve been working with community banks, credit unions, and retailers throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky since 1971 to streamline cash handling and provide the best onsite service in the region.  What many of our customers and partners don’t know is that our ATM sales and support history is similarly storied!

In 1994, Cornelius Systems jumped feet first into the ATM business.  In just a few short years, we had over 4,000 units in the field working with customers like Circle K and Marsh to name a few.  We built our reputation on installation quality, technician experience, and data-driven management – in the 90s before being data geeks was cool!

Today, we’re combining our branch cash automation and ATM pedigree to bring our customers and partners the best of both worlds.  Branch and ATM channel strategies are evolving quickly and community banks and credit unions must ensure they complement one another, not compete for the same customer or member mindshare.  To accomplish this, you need to work with sales professionals who are experts at understanding and defining your business problems and opportunities – not at reciting product spec sheets.  At Cornelius, we’re experts in branch cash automation, as well as ATM and advanced self-service strategies!

As the Windows 10 migration approaches, now is the perfect time to revisit your approach to ATM management.  Does your ATM strategy complement what you’re trying to accomplish in your sales and service offices? Are you ready for the transition from ATMs to advanced self-service platforms? Do you really need to own your ATMs or does an outsourcing engagement save you money and headaches?

At Cornelius Systems, we’re here to help.  Shoot us a note ([email protected]) or give us a call (877.545.5558) today to setup a time to talk with one of our experts!  We’re not just the cash recycler guys; we are ATM and self-service geeks as well!