Cash Recyclers Offer Enhanced Security

Enhance Security Without Creating Branch Barriers

Creating meaningful customer or member relationships through bullet-resistant glass is anything but easy. In an era where brick-and-mortar channels are competing for relevance against growing digital channels, finding ways to knock down relationship barriers is vital.  The challenge is balancing the need to create more open environments where sales and service flourish, with the need to keep employees and branch visitors safe from potential harm.  How do banks and credit unions strike the right balance?

Traditional Methods Don’t Work – Check the Stats

In 2016, the FBI recorded over 4,000 robberies in the United States – an increase over recorded incidents in 2014 and 2015.  In over 90% of these cases, alarm systems and electronic surveillance equipment were deployed but failed to deter the assailant.  In over 25% of these robberies, additional measures like bullet-resistant glass, man traps, and tracking devices were also used by financial institutions.  Growth trends in the quantitative data seem to suggest that traditional security measures are failing to curb the growth in branch robberies.  Simply put, banks and credit unions have used the same basic set of tools to deter robberies for decades and it is time for security innovation.

Make the “Case” – Be Conspicuous

Without question, training staff to remain vigilant and aware is foundational to branch security. Regardless of innovation, a branch team that greets customers and members with eye contact and a smile goes a long way to make thieves second guess their location selection.  The reality is most bank robberies start with the suspect visiting, or “casing”, the branch to survey layout and security measures used before the robbery takes place.  Empowering branch staff with technology that safeguards cash in a sleek but conspicuous manner helps amplify the effectiveness of well-trained associates.

Teller cash recyclers validate, count, sort, and store cash in a UL291 rated safe that weighs more than 800 pounds.  Additionally, by storing cash centrally and eliminating teller cash drawers, cash exposure is significantly reduced.  When would-be robbers visit branches with well-trained staff using teller cash recyclers, they see little exposed cash and compact but hardened technology securing their cash targets.

Decrease Barriers, Increase Security

Ultimately, teller cash recyclers enable more customer or member-friendly branch layouts without compromising security.  With additional features like duress dispensing and electronic alarm capabilities, financial institutions using teller cash recyclers enjoy greater flexibility in branch layout while at the same time leveraging additional security features above and beyond the traditional suite of solutions.  To top it off, users report a greater degree of comfort at the staff level inasmuch as they no longer have to expose tens of thousands of dollars behind the teller line in plain sight of branch visitors.

At the end of the day teller cash recyclers increase security and decrease barriers, creating the opportunity to deliver better staff, customer, and member experiences.  When combined with operational efficiencies and cash forecasting benefits, it is easy to see why teller cash automation has become table stakes in branch banking!

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