Cash Recyclers Lower Operating Costs

Counting, sorting and handling cash is time consuming and costly. On average, notes are counted 7-10 times in a branch before reaching the hands of a customer or member. Each exchange creates opportunity for error and demands costly labor to oversee. There is a much better way – teller cash recycling!

We all know that cash recyclers count money so tellers don’t have to, improving the overall customer experience. That is the biggest benefit, and rightfully so. When you have a machine as smart as an RBG-100, it’s hard to go wrong. Recyclers make sure you get the most out of the time in your day, while also lowering your business’s operating costs.

Cash recyclers also lower armored car service fees. They keep track of how much cash you have. You’ll always know exactly when you need more cash, so you’re never spending extra money on special trips. You’ll have fewer money shipments, and you won’t have to pay extra for unnecessary service fees.

People aren’t perfect. People make mistakes, tellers make mistakes, it happens. Cash recyclers on the other hand, are close to perfect when it comes to counting and distributing cash. When tellers use cash recyclers there are fewer transaction errors, which means fewer employee terminations and higher employee satisfaction. The less teller mistakes and terminations, the less you’ll have to drop big bucks on hiring and training new employees. Plus, you don’t have to pay cash recyclers a salary!

With face-to-face transactions becoming increasingly scarce, cash recyclers play a crucial role in allowing tellers the time to cross-sell. By not staring at their hands counting money, tellers are able to engage in meaningful conversations with customers and members. This increases the opportunity to cross-sell, which increases revenue and lowers operating costs.

Overall, cash recyclers have a proven ROI, significantly lowering bank and credit union operating costs. For more information on how Cornelius Systems can help your business save money, visit our website at www.mycornelius.comor give us a call at 877.545.5558!


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