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From Kelsey in the marketing department:

When I’m educating people on a topic, I find it best to tell personal stories. I like to find the relationships in seemingly unrelated concepts, and I know that blog posts are more enjoyable to read when the writer actually enjoyed writing it. Who doesn’t love talking about themselves? With that being said, stick around, and I’ll tell you a story about a special childhood restaurant. I promise it relates to Cornelius Systems and the banking industry.

Everyone knows the name of their favorite home-town restaurant. That small, family-owned establishment you grew up going to whether it was for sports games, family gatherings, birthday meals, you name it. The place never got old, you always had a good time there.

For me, The Yum Yum Tree (founded by a family in 1983) has been my absolute go-to restaurant since age three.

The food? Pretty good. The prices? Decent. The big question I ask myself – why do I continue to go back to this particular restaurant over and over again? The answer is pretty straightforward. I have not had a single bad experience there, and I’ve consistently made positive memories no matter who I was with, what I ate, how much was spent, or how long I waited.

The time they brought me the wrong plate of food? No matter. They fixed it, took it off my bill, and gave me a free dessert. The time I waited 45 minutes for my table? It’s okay, they gave me a free appetizer and soda while I waited. Over the years, they’ve managed to turn me into a loyal customer, and it wasn’t because of products or prices. The employees cared about me – my story. The friendly atmosphere, positive vibes, and impeccable service has subconsciously made me crave this childhood haven for decades. I feel comfortable there, I feel like I’m part of the Yum Yum Tree family.

Now how does one relate a dining establishment to Cornelius Systems, a banking technology sales and service company? Well, how I feel about The Yum Yum Tree is exactly how we want our customers to feel about Cornelius Systems. We cherish our small, family-owned, passionate persona. We truly want to get to know our customers and their story because we know that people naturally gravitate toward positive experiences, no matter the product or service. Anyone can sell a product, but it takes a true partner to sell experiences.

Yes, we sell money handling equipment to banks and credit unions. Yes, we service these machines – almost all makes and models. But that isn’t all we want to be known for. We want to be known as the company that infuses customer experiences with as much care and attentiveness as your favorite childhood restaurant. Because that’s what providing true, memorable service is all about.

Speaking of restaurants and food, let us take you out to dinner. We want to hear your story – we’re here to serve your bank or credit union. What better way to build a strong, technology partnership than over a bite to eat?

Too Much Cash? Seriously.

Is it possible to have too much cash?  When it comes to branch cash inventory, the answer is a resounding yes!  Cash is costly to count, sort, store and manage. These challenges are compounded by limited visibility into inventory positions by denomination due to sole control cash custody policies.  As a result, branches routinely order more cash than needed or regularly cross-ship cash to avoid the awkward scenario of running out of cash for customers and members. Cash courier services are expensive and interrupt the workflow of the branch.  There is a better way!

Get Digital

The key to overcoming the challenges posed by sole-control visibility constraints is to make your inventory digital.  This allows cash managers to see detailed inventory positions in real time.  Of course, digital visibility is only as good as the data input – manual data entry leaves room for ongoing error.  By leveraging teller cash recyclers and their reporting capabilities, cash managers leverage accurate, machine-driven data when placing orders and optimizing their branch cash footprint. With cash stored centrally, instead of in disparate sole-controlled teller cash drawers, visibility and order accuracy is greatly improved.

Simplify for Greater Results

The figure below shows the process simplification differences between manual cash handling (figure A), to semi-automated cash handling (figure B), and full automation (figure C).

Screen-Shot-2018-10-08-at-9.11.43-AM Too Much Cash? Seriously.

Let’s Talk

If you want to learn more about the cash management benefits of teller cash recyclers, give us a call at 877.545.5558 or email us at [email protected]to setup your free branch cash automation analysis!

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Is your ATM fleet a mixed bag? We’ve got you covered!

ATM Vendor Management Best Practices

Everyone loves their ATM vendor and service partner, right?  If you’re like many of the prospective customers we work with daily, you likely rolled your eyes and muttered something under your breath when you read the opening sentence of this blog.  Too often, community banks and credit unions have grown accustomed to non-responsive service, being relegated to a position of lower priority, or unreliable technicians who “have never seen this piece of equipment before.”  If this has a familiar ring to it, following the outline below will bring some much-needed relief.

Be a Student of History

ATM service, especially when evaluating a fleet comprised of multiple vendors’ equipment, isn’t easy. It takes proven pedigree and a track record of success.  When selecting a vendor, inquire about history with ATM service – number of units managed, manufacturers supported, and customers serviced in the past. Chances are if the vendor you’re evaluating has a rich history, they’ll be happy to share their story.

Look for Lifelong Learners

Technology is constantly changing, and the ATM business is no exception.  If you’re tired of dealing with multiple vendors or fed up with nonstop regulatory and technology changes, you’re likely looking for a one-stop shop for ATM sales and service.  To ensure you’re partnering with an organization that takes the changing landscape seriously, investigate how they invest in professional training.  Do they have an internal training program?  Do they partner directly with manufacturers to receive the latest in classroom and hands-on education?  If these questions are hard to answer, keep digging. Partners who are proud of their culture of lifelong learning live for fielding questions like these.

Expect a Vision for the Future

Since technology obsolescence is unavoidable you need to partner with service organizations that can manage a mixed fleet today and cast a vision for future solutions.  As self-service and video banking becomes increasingly prevalent, your partners should relish the opportunity to share a cogent product and service roadmap that protects the investments made today against being outmoded in the future.

Need Help?  Let’s Talk

At Cornelius Systems, we’re excited to tell our story.  For over 45 years we’ve invested heavily in technician expertise and we’re proud of our position as a learning organization.  Finally, we love sharing our vision for complementary ATM, self-service, and branch channel strategies in the future.  If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to call us at 877.545.5558 or email us at [email protected]today!

45 Years and Counting

When it comes to servicing ATMs, teller cash recyclers and dispensers, or cash and coin handling technology, experience matters. Cornelius Systems been in business for over 45 years because we’re always learning, always growing our expertise. Family owned and operated, our second-generation leadership team is grounded, loyal, and invested in the future. With the profound dedication of small, tight-knit company, Cornelius Systems strives to reach a common goal. Providing best-in-class service with a personal touch ensures our customers feel comfortable – it ensures they feel like family.

Founded in 1971, for decades Cornelius Systems has supported thousands of machines throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Being in the business this long, we’ve evolved our services to support ever-updating product lines and brands. The partnerships we build last a lifetime, and we’re not here to bill and disappear.

If you’re looking for small-company service with big-company sophistication, look no further. We promise to deliver an exceptional experience throughout the full life of your products, while maintaining that special, family-oriented touch.

Cash Recyclers Offer Enhanced Security

Enhance Security Without Creating Branch Barriers

Creating meaningful customer or member relationships through bullet-resistant glass is anything but easy. In an era where brick-and-mortar channels are competing for relevance against growing digital channels, finding ways to knock down relationship barriers is vital.  The challenge is balancing the need to create more open environments where sales and service flourish, with the need to keep employees and branch visitors safe from potential harm.  How do banks and credit unions strike the right balance?

Traditional Methods Don’t Work – Check the Stats

In 2016, the FBI recorded over 4,000 robberies in the United States – an increase over recorded incidents in 2014 and 2015.  In over 90% of these cases, alarm systems and electronic surveillance equipment were deployed but failed to deter the assailant.  In over 25% of these robberies, additional measures like bullet-resistant glass, man traps, and tracking devices were also used by financial institutions.  Growth trends in the quantitative data seem to suggest that traditional security measures are failing to curb the growth in branch robberies.  Simply put, banks and credit unions have used the same basic set of tools to deter robberies for decades and it is time for security innovation.

Make the “Case” – Be Conspicuous

Without question, training staff to remain vigilant and aware is foundational to branch security. Regardless of innovation, a branch team that greets customers and members with eye contact and a smile goes a long way to make thieves second guess their location selection.  The reality is most bank robberies start with the suspect visiting, or “casing”, the branch to survey layout and security measures used before the robbery takes place.  Empowering branch staff with technology that safeguards cash in a sleek but conspicuous manner helps amplify the effectiveness of well-trained associates.

Teller cash recyclers validate, count, sort, and store cash in a UL291 rated safe that weighs more than 800 pounds.  Additionally, by storing cash centrally and eliminating teller cash drawers, cash exposure is significantly reduced.  When would-be robbers visit branches with well-trained staff using teller cash recyclers, they see little exposed cash and compact but hardened technology securing their cash targets.

Decrease Barriers, Increase Security

Ultimately, teller cash recyclers enable more customer or member-friendly branch layouts without compromising security.  With additional features like duress dispensing and electronic alarm capabilities, financial institutions using teller cash recyclers enjoy greater flexibility in branch layout while at the same time leveraging additional security features above and beyond the traditional suite of solutions.  To top it off, users report a greater degree of comfort at the staff level inasmuch as they no longer have to expose tens of thousands of dollars behind the teller line in plain sight of branch visitors.

At the end of the day teller cash recyclers increase security and decrease barriers, creating the opportunity to deliver better staff, customer, and member experiences.  When combined with operational efficiencies and cash forecasting benefits, it is easy to see why teller cash automation has become table stakes in branch banking!

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With CSI, it Starts with Learning

Certified, Trained Professionals

The definition of professional is a person engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.  Since 1971, our service team has been committed to professional excellence in all things cash and currency automation related.  ATMs, teller cash recyclers, and coin and currency solutions aren’t a pastime, they’re a vocation – one we’re proud of and take seriously.

It Starts with Learning 

All professionals start as students – lifelong, curious learners dedicated to uncovering the unknown. When we recruit field engineers, we look for students of electromechanical and software-based technology.  We don’t hire folks that know it all.  Instead, we hire women and men who understand that exceptional service requires continuous improvement and constant education to keep pace with innovation.

Classroom and field training are pivotal.  Our field engineers remain up to date on all the technology platforms we support, and we never support technology with amateurs or untrained resources.  If you’re working with Cornelius Systems, you’re working with lifelong students of payment technology.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when you work with us, you’re working with people who care!

At the End of the Day, it’s about People

While technical skills are key, people skills are also a key component of professional service.  As a company, we’re lucky to work alongside women and men who demonstrate professionalism by building strong relationships with those we serve.  When we work with you and your team, we don’t want to fulfill a contract, we want to build a partnership.

If you’re in the market for a service organization that cares, give us a call or find time to sit down with one of our relationship managers.  We welcome the opportunity to tell our story and introduce you to the members of our team that help us build lasting relationships!

Meet Marcus – Employee Spotlight

m-04 With CSI, it Starts with Learning

Cash Recyclers Lower Operating Costs

Counting, sorting and handling cash is time consuming and costly. On average, notes are counted 7-10 times in a branch before reaching the hands of a customer or member. Each exchange creates opportunity for error and demands costly labor to oversee. There is a much better way – teller cash recycling!

We all know that cash recyclers count money so tellers don’t have to, improving the overall customer experience. That is the biggest benefit, and rightfully so. When you have a machine as smart as an RBG-100, it’s hard to go wrong. Recyclers make sure you get the most out of the time in your day, while also lowering your business’s operating costs.

Cash recyclers also lower armored car service fees. They keep track of how much cash you have. You’ll always know exactly when you need more cash, so you’re never spending extra money on special trips. You’ll have fewer money shipments, and you won’t have to pay extra for unnecessary service fees.

People aren’t perfect. People make mistakes, tellers make mistakes, it happens. Cash recyclers on the other hand, are close to perfect when it comes to counting and distributing cash. When tellers use cash recyclers there are fewer transaction errors, which means fewer employee terminations and higher employee satisfaction. The less teller mistakes and terminations, the less you’ll have to drop big bucks on hiring and training new employees. Plus, you don’t have to pay cash recyclers a salary!

With face-to-face transactions becoming increasingly scarce, cash recyclers play a crucial role in allowing tellers the time to cross-sell. By not staring at their hands counting money, tellers are able to engage in meaningful conversations with customers and members. This increases the opportunity to cross-sell, which increases revenue and lowers operating costs.

Overall, cash recyclers have a proven ROI, significantly lowering bank and credit union operating costs. For more information on how Cornelius Systems can help your business save money, visit our website at www.mycornelius.comor give us a call at 877.545.5558!


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Tired of Constant ATM Upgrades?

ADA.  Windows 7.  EMV. Now Windows 10.  Are you suffering from ATM upgrade fatigue?  Finding it hard to believe that your investment dollars today will return value uninterrupted in the future?  You aren’t alone.

Financial institutions and ATM deployers across the country are weathering yet another milestone migration, working to protect capital investment from technology obsolescence. A key factor in strategic planning is customer or member readiness for more advanced self-service solutions.  Certain demographics – millennials, urban residents, etc. – have proven quick adopters of ITM-like solutions.  What about those customers or members not quite ready to migrate to a self-service channel?  At Cornelius Systems, we’re encouraging our clients to future proof.

Make Windows 10 Conversion an Opportunity

With the rollout of Windows 10 and the hardware capable of supporting it, financial institutions have a wealth of new features and operating horsepower they haven’t had the luxury of leveraging in the past.  However, many of the most valuable features require more than just a new operating system or CPU.  To harness the breadth of available self-service features, users are being asked to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in customer software integration and project-related professional services.  Unfortunately, these costs, coupled with a customer or member base not yet ready for full-fledged self-service, often lead financial institutions down the path of simply upgrading legacy technology platforms. Fortunately, there’s a better way!

Our partners at Nautilus Hyosung have developed a product portfolio of ATMs that are field upgradeable to advanced self-service terminals when your capital budget and customer or member base are ready.  As a result, you can protect your investment today without constraining your ability to rollout new features in the future.  Here’s how we help you build a future-proof strategy:

  • Assess the current state – understand your current fleet and customer preferences
  • Review hardware, software, and professional service options
  • Co-develop a solution recommendation that meets current needs, and protects future options
  • Build a project plan – not just for near-term rollout, but for evolution over time
  • Protect assets – customize a preventive and on-demand service program that protects your investment

There’s No Time Like The Present

If you’re working your way through Windows 10 migration planning and wish you had better options, give us a call.  We’re experts in the ATM space and want to help you future-proof your investment today, so you can optimize your returns tomorrow!

Sweatpants or a Tailored Suit?

Teller Cash Automation – Sweatpants or a Tailored Suit?

When it comes to cash automation hardware, you have more choices than ever before.  Unfortunately, few if any technology providers venture beyond the confines of their proprietary product portfolio when working with financial institutions.  As a result, many community banks and credit unions end up with a one-size-fits-all type solution.  While it is better than failing to leverage the benefits of teller cash automation altogether, it falls significantly short of more tailored approaches.

Details Matter – Observe, Evaluate, and Recommend

No two branches are exactly alike.  In fact, in many cases banks and credit unions experience sizeable variances in traffic, cash volume, and transaction types between branches – even those relatively close in proximity.  To account for these differences, you need to select a partner that takes the time to tailor recommendations based upon quantitatively-defined branch types. Anything short of a thorough analysis leads to underutilization (capacity overkill), failure to deliver labor efficiencies (under-featured), or poor implementation experiences due to poor fit (poor project management).  Lastly, avoid the temptation to purchase and deploy a unit for every two tellers, it misses the point!

Select a Scalable Service Partner

One of the constraints that often drives proprietary solution recommendations is the inability to service multiple makes and models.  If you’re looking to customize your hardware options, be sure your technology provider can support the strategy.  Working with a service organization that can expertly recommend, install, and service a variety of teller cash automation options ensures you’ll avoid the one-size-fits-all trap.

Trade in Sweatpants for a Suit

At CSI, we work with the world’s leading teller cash automation manufacturers to guarantee our customers have options.  We don’t sell sweatpants – solutions that fit, but not optimally.  We sell and support tailored suits – teller cash recyclers, dispensers, and self-service options that are customized to your unique branch requirements.  Best of all, we project manage all our implementations and service everything we sell. Looking to get the most out of your teller cash automation investment?  Prefer tailored suits over sweatpants?  Let’s talk!