ATM Outsourcing

Time for Another Migration Project

January 2020 seems like an eternity away.  Unfortunately, if this OS migration is anything like the Windows 7 transition in 2014, the end-of-life support cutoff from Microsoft will be here before you know it. As community bank and credit union leaders, it’s important to reflect on past experiences to ensure you’re making the most out of an undeniably costly migration project.

Plan for the Future, Plan with a Partner

The transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 illustrated the value of advanced planning.  If you don’t have a migration plan for your ATM fleet, get started immediately – and don’t go it alone.  To optimize your investment today, and to extend the useful life of current investments, select partners that are thinking about 2025 and beyond, not just January 2020.  The plan you execute today will have lasting impact on your customer or member experience for years to come.

Explore Options

While it is hard to see a costly upgrade as an opportunity, the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 allows you evaluate technology that is more mature today than during the previous OS migration – specifically, advanced self-service solutions.  In 2014, the market was still learning about the potential role of video banking or advanced ATMs in the retail channel. Today, it seems you can’t talk strategy unless you’re managing the confluence of brick and mortar, ATM, and self-service.  Rather than approaching the Windows 10 project as a required security measure, take the time to determine where your customers and members expect you to be from a self-service perspective in the next three to five years.

Consider Going Radical

Another potential option you need to evaluate before making the leap to Windows 10 is wholesale ATM outsourcing.  Although it isn’t an ideal fit for every organization, what has been commonplace in the offsite ATM market for decades is increasing in popularity with financial institutions.  Banks and credit unions throughout the Midwest are offloading their hardware, service, and managed services to partners that deliver the same great ATM and self-service experiences their customers and members have come to expect, without the cost and hassle of fleet management.  If your vendor partners haven’t walked you through the various outsourcing options worthy of consideration, talk to one who will.

Beat the Deadline

Regardless of the route you take – basic upgrades, fleet replacement, advanced self-service options, or comprehensive outsourcing – don’t wait until your ATM infrastructure is at risk.  Your customers and members have made you their financial services provider because they trust you and the brand you’ve built. Don’t let outdated operating system software put sensitive data, and ultimately your brand, at risk.  At Cornelius Systems, we’ve been working with clients for 12+ months on Windows 10 migration strategies and we’d be happy to help. If you need help beating the deadline with a strategy that ensures you’ll realize your business goals, give us a call!