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What we do

We provide you technology and guidance to deliver a superior in-branch experience and engage positively with customers. Financial Solutions, Our teller cash automation, and self-service solutions transform your branch by minimizing the impact of handling cash transactions.

Retailers and other non-banks look to us for solutions that address problems associated with a cash-intensive business, so that they can focus on activities that add value.

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Financial Solutions

You seek superior customer engagements across multiple delivery channels, in an environment that appeals to consumers of all ages. Representing two global leaders, Diebold-Nixdorf and Glory Global Solutions enables us to provide best-in-class solutions to control costs, enabling you to grow sales and compete with both traditional and non-traditional bank channels.

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    Teller cash

    Drive down operating costs while significantly enhancing business efficiency. We are the certified Glory dealer.

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    As an authorized distributor for Diebold-Nixdorf, we provide a full range of self-service terminals and ATMs to meet the demands of convenience consumers, also ATM Branding.

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    We take away the problems associated with having currency and coin in your business so you can focus on adding true value to the enterprise.

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    Protect your people, your customers and your assets with solutions ranging from safes, vaults, and VAT systems, to a full range of video and situational monitoring.

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    ATM Kiosks

    Drive traffic to your ATM with attention-getting, protective kiosks! Cornelius Systems is a certified dealer for Heritage, the world leader in ATM kiosks.

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Retail Solutions

Financial Solutions – Our technology scales from large, entertainment and retail environments, to convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants. We have coin dispensers, cash recyclers, check encoders and a full line of coin handling solutions for vending, transit companies and municipalities.

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    As a dealer for Cardtronics, we can place an ATM at your location, provide and manage the cash, network switching, maintenance and armored car service.

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    ATM Proccessing

    Cornelius Systems is able to offer access to industry leading processors through our relationships with Cardtronics and Kahuna ATM Solutions.

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    Smart-safes read, authenticate and secure cash as part of the transaction, eliminating multiple counts and the use of drop-envelopes.

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    We take away the problems associated with having currency and coin in your business so you can focus on adding true value to the enterprise.

Did you know?

We specialize in ATM wraps

ATM Branding – Your ATM will be a powerful marketing tool with affordable, custom-designed ATM wraps.
High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM helping owners build transaction volume, increase fee income, and advertise products and services to new customers. Studies show ATM branding & atm digital branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location.

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