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Stop counting cash. Start counting profits!

Increase sales while reducing man-hours and improving security. Our smart-safes authenticate and secure high-value notes immediately upon receipt, so you never have to recount cash. Cashiers’ cash is totaled by shift and business day, as a bi-product of verification. Internal cash shrink virtually disappears. We offer smart safe deposit systems solutions that can be scaled to fit the smallest retailer and QSR, up to big-box retailers. All supported by Cornelius technicians.

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CacheSYSTEM 2400 Cash Counting & Validating Safe

Perfect for c-stores and QSRs. Configure your system with one or more bill readers to hold up to 4400 notes. Optional bunch feeder allows you to deposit larger drops and return to other work while we count and secure your cash.

Every transaction is recorded and tracked through each user’s PIN, providing seamless audit trail. A full set of cashier/shift/Z and content removal reports is standard.

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CacheSYSTEM 7000 Cash Dispensing & Validating Safe

Time-delayed access to your cash is key to preventing external theft. Would you like to require cashiers to have to purchase change? The CacheSYSTEM 7000 does it all! Dispense currency and rolled coin to cashiers on “credit” or bill-exchange. This system also serves as a Cash Counting & Validating Safes, and can be networked with multiple pedestals so that cash drop points are moved to multiple POS locations. It also acts as an a drop safe so that you can deposit envelopes of suspect notes and checks.

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