Retail Solutions

Our technology scales from large, entertainment and retail environments, to convenience stores and quick-serve restaurants. We have coin dispensers, cash recyclers for banks, check encoders and a full line of coin handling solutions for vending, transit companies and municipalities.

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    As a dealer for Cardtronics, we can place an ATM at your location, provide and manage the cash, network switching, maintenance and armored car service. Also providing cash recyclers, Smart-safes and coin handling solutions.

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    ATM Processing

    Cornelius Systems is able to offer access to industry leading coin handling solutions and processors through our relationships with Cardtronics and Kahuna ATM Solutions.

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    Smart-safes read, authenticate and secure cash as part of the transaction, eliminating multiple counts and the use of drop-envelopes.

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    Our full range of products, cash recycler machine for coin handling solutions and reconciling allows you to focus on growing your business.

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