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Your branch is experiencing fewer face-to-face transactions. Every in-person transaction has become a “moment-of-truth.”

Customers expect routine transactions to be completed quickly, without distractions. Our cash recyclers and cash dispensers automate cash-handling so that tellers can focus on positively engaging customers. You can eliminate the need for a Vault Teller; reduce FTE hours while improving productivity and transaction speed; increase upsells lower overall branch cash, while improving the physical security of the branch.

7th Generation

Self-service, and assisted self-service solutions enable you to move low-value transactions to lower-cost channels, delivering a better experience and increasing customer loyalty. Our teller cash automation solutions are PURPOSE-BUILT for demanding workloads. (In contrast with ATM-type dispensers.)

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ftca-gen-image Teller Cash Automation

Cash Recycling

Cash recyclers enables branch transformation.

Cash is distributed and securely stored, right at your teller pods or counter, as you move towards a leaner staffing model and smaller branch design. The Universal Banker concept relies on heads-up banking for safety and customer interaction. Universal Bankers and tellers can make face-to-face contact during almost the entire transaction, creating additional time to cross-sell new financial products.

Delivering frontline efficiency for better customer engagements and greater branch profitability.

  • Delivers more efficiency for both consumer and business transactions
  • Vault buys and vault sells become a thing of the past
  • Day-end balancing time is dramatically reduced
  • Clients and staff enjoy improved security

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RBG100 Teller Cash Recycler

ftca-grid-image-1 Teller Cash Automation

  • Flat-note cash dispensers, dispensing at 10 notes per second feeding and dispensing, for higher efficiency
  • Up to 17,100 note capacity
  • Day-end balancing time dramatically reduced
  • No counting of cash in or paid out, as the continuous feed hopper aids in the non-stop feeding of notes during large transactions and inventory replenishment
  • Cash exposure in the branch is reduced, improving safety for clients and staff

TCD750 Teller Cash Dispenser

ftca-grid-image-2 Teller Cash Automation

  • Dispenses up to 15 notes per second, saving up to 30 seconds per cash back transaction
  • Eliminates dual control for vault buys
  • No counting of cash paid-out
  • 6 cassettes hold up to 2,000 notes each
  • UL chest rated for 24 hour currency storage

Vertera 6G Teller Cash Recycler

ftca-grid-image-3 Teller Cash Automation

  • 8 high-capacity Rolled Storage Modules for a total of 4,800 circulated U.S. banknotes
  • 2 heights offered for standing or sitting environments
  • 7” touch panel color LCD
  • Accepts deposits up to 300 notes at 7 notes per second, and dispenses up to a full strap of 100 notes at 5 notes per second
  • Comprehensive list of direct interfaces

Dyna Cash™

Often referred to as a “universal interface,” DynaCash allows teller cash recyclers and dispensers to be driven by any Windows teller platform. No modification to your financial program is required. You don’t have to pay for, or wait for costly, customer integration development.

  • Typically installs in less than a day
  • Supports up to 99 tellers, with no need to “step in” to a transaction to initiate a cash buy or sell.
  • Audit trail provides exactly what you need to balance, including total cash in, and out, and net cash by teller.

Best of all, DynaCash maximizes the total functionality of your technology, so you don’t have to sacrifice features and efficiency to accommodate a direct interface.

Verifying a bag of coin or in-bound cash deposit or shipment?

We have scalable solutions to match every need, from strap verification to coin sorting and wrapping.