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Protect your people, your customers and your assets with solutions including drive-up pneumatic tube systems, secure entry, teller stations, REMOTETELLER™ systems, safes and vaults, as well as under-counter steel. Our security consultants will come on-site and help you build the protection you need with a design that enhances the way you conduct business.

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Maximize teller efficiency with the VAT 21GX DRIVE-UP DIVERTER. You can staff your drive-up with dedicated tellers during peak periods. A simple push of a button is all it takes to divert the carrier transaction to the lobby teller area during non-peak times. Consumers won’t miss the traditional drive-up experience thanks to the 816 Audio System and CCTV for VATs. The video-enhanced consumer transaction at the drive up improves security through visual identification of drive-up users, who especially like our optional 15”, sunlight-viewable monitors. Remote blowers promote quiet operation during the transaction cycle allowing for clear audio communication.

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Available in manual or electric operation models, the Securomatic® Depository can be customized with a variety of alarm packages, locks and exterior colors. The advanced design offers numerous conveniences to consumers. Based on branch configuration and user interaction preferences, the simple, one-handed operation makes it ideal for drive-up use or configure it for through-the-wall or freestanding walk-up installations.

The Securomatic AHD exceeds UL Standard 771 anti-fish and anti-trap specifications for outstanding security. It also protects against unauthorized removal. Interface it to an adjacent ATM to control unlocking and relocking. Various solutions are available to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for height and accessibility.

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Efficient, expandable and secure, our metal undercounter bank teller equipment is suitable for both financial and commercial applications. Our MODULAR FLEXIBILITY allows you to combine pedestals to create highly-efficient, secure work area which you can expand or relocate as business needs and branch designs change.

Our drawers operate smoothly and quietly thanks to independent suspension. Separate compartments with full-depth dividers prevent lost papers, checks and currency. Choose a cash drop which allows the teller to drop cash into the lower locker when it is closed, minimizing the risk of excessive money in the cash tray.

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The need to prevent theft, and protect staff, assets and premises from external forces such as burglary, fire, or even unauthorized employees will always exist. Our security experts seek to first understand the consumer and client experiences you want to create. Then, they help secure human and financial assets to create a safe environment that complements your vision.

Secure Entry Systems, Lock and Key Management Systems, Safes, Vault Systems including Electronic Vault Attendant II, Safe Deposit Boxes and Modular Vaults, Day Gates, Vault Doors and Strongroom Vault Door

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Our surveillance solutions deliver enhanced security during business hours, and provide actionable electronic security intelligence to improve your business. Use the analytics to optimize customer engagement, investigate crime, and prevent loss.