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Highly scalable solutions

We take away the problems associated with having Coin & Currency in your business so you can focus on adding true value to the enterprise.

A full range of highly scalable solutions that will add the efficiency and accuracy you need.

Our full range of solutions for counting and reconciling allows you to focus on growing your business. Highly scalable currency solutions including currency discriminators, currency counters, coin currency converter, currency scales, coin sorter, coin counters and coin wrappers will add the efficiency and accuracy you need.

Your needs vary according to the way currency cycles through your branch. If you primarily use currency counters to verify inbound shipments of full-straps, or to balance your ATMs, we offer the Glory basic counters with varying levels of counterfeit detection.

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Consumers and staff will embrace the convenience and practicality of self-service coin.

Most households have at least one person collecting coin. Why lose this marketing opportunity to grocery stores and other financial institutions, when implementing and operating this in-demand service is so simple? The QuickChange can eliminate as much as 400 hours per year of non-customer-facing labor, enhance customer engagements and increase core deposits. As a destination service, QuickChange self-service coin sorting increases branch foot traffic while providing important consumer interaction opportunities. The design and staff-friendly features promote continuous processing, ensuring your staff and consumers will embrace this new service, which also provides an opportunity for fee income.

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Glory GFB 800/820/830

Currency Counters

A rugged, high-speed workhorse for strap verification.

This series delivers high speed, durability with features such as 4 adjustable speeds, up to 1,800 notes per minute; preset and variable batching and optional dual magnetic and UV counterfeit detection.

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Amortec Coin/Currency

Amrotec X-Count/X-1/X-1000

Currency Discriminators

  • X-Count – Best value currency discriminator
  • X-1 – 1 ½ output pockets for in-line sorting and discriminating
  • X-1000 – Best value, 2-pocket discriminator for
    highest throughput

If you process bundles of multiple denominations of currency from merchant deposits or have a need to authenticate the denominations of every strap to minimize losses, then this series is perfect.

Three products are available in this family, all of which authenticate the denomination of the currency verified, and give you the option to offsort “strangers.” You can even face and “point” notes while simultaneously totaling the value of the deposit.

Faster transactions!

This means you can quickly verify the batch in front of the depositor without having to first manually sort the notes. Sort down the mixed batches later. This series offers a 1 ½ and 2 pocket version in addition to the basic, single stacker model.

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1 Pocket Currency Discriminator

Advanced, intelligent single pocket currency counter.This heavy duty currency discriminator has excellent counterfeit detection features and is easy to operate and maintain. Its rugged design guarantees many years of service.

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Excellent total solution for currency discrimination

Low noise and two full pockets, combined with high levels of counterfeit detection come with this rugged unit. Enjoy non-stop throughput by using the large reject pocket to offsort notes that are suspect, not faced or oriented according to the mode you select. Easy-to-read LCD display provides convenient graphical user interfaces.

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Glory UW-500

Currency Sorting

The Glory UW-500 table-top currency sorter is the perfect solution for processing commercial cash deposits quickly and efficiently.

Best value for commercial cash processing in a desk-top unit. Designed for back-room operations, this is an ideal solution for higher-volume, mixed deposits and night bags. ATM fitness sorting, facing and batching to Fed specifications seldom require secondary processing since the system performs multiple actions simultaneously. Reduce labor and increase efficiency for your Currency Solutions.

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fcc-mach9e-image Coin/Currency

Mach 9e & Mach 9e Wave

Coin Sorting

  • Mach 9e — High-throughput with patented figure-8 design.
  • Mach 9e Wave — 5 levels of coin authentication for
    highest accuracy.

The Mach 9e and Mach 9e Wave deliver maximum throughput.

Give the consumer confidence and trust that their deposit is being processed accurately.

Whether you operate a back-office vault, or use your sorter to verify mixed coin deposits behind the teller line, the Mach 9e and Mach 9e Wave can be configured combine high speed with options like automatic feed conveyor,
and automatic bag stops and automatic bag switching with dual bagging. If you are processing coin behind the teller line, the highly-visible remote display gives the consumer confidence and trust that their deposit is being processed accurately.

Glory’s Wave technology performs 5 authentication tests on each coin for proven accuracy and identifying foreign and counterfeit coins.

With Glory’s patented figure 8 coin sorting design, you only ever have a few coins in the sorting area. This means you never have to deal with a large pile of coin in the rare event of a coin jam.

Dual language and large color display with easily-understood status symbols make it simple to use. Frequently used keys are color coded to make coin sorting even easier.

The heavy-duty inspection tray on the Mach 9e accommodates up to 10,000 US dimes.

fcc-mach3mach6-image-1 Coin/Currency

Mach 3/Mach 6

Coin Counting & Wrapping

  • Mach 3 – Low-volume, cost-efficient sorting at 1,500 coins per minute. Suitable for portable use.
  • Mach 6 – Fast, accurate for medium-size bank branches, retailers and transportation authorities. Sorts at 3,000 coins per minute.

Simple set-up and unattended operation! Free your business from the need to outsource or purchase coin wraps. The WS-21 makes it possible to handle all your coin wrapping needs in-house. The WS-21 produces 12 rolls per minute and, once set, does not require constant attention. If you invite consumers to deposit coin, either through a self-service device like the Glory QuickChange®, or over-the-counter, you probably pay armored car service to take away bags of coin, while at the same time delivering rolled coin.

fcc-mach3mach6-image-2 Coin/Currency

High performer

Wrap your own coin and save big dollars! Consistent with this legacy, the Glory WS-21 is a high-performance, user-friendly desktop coin wrapper that is 60% smaller than Glory’s acclaimed floor-standing wrappers, yet offers an outstanding balance of power and speed.

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Maverick Check Encoders

Starter MICR-encoded checks, deposit slips and exception item encoding can be completed efficiently with the Maverick Mx-3 and Mx-6 encoders. Twice as fast as previous models, these compact and stylish units offer you a full range of options. Standard features include fixed and variable fields, auto incrementing fields, account number with optional check-digit verification and generation, and optional ABA number with check digit verification and generation. Choose simple, manual feeding or add automatic feeding to for large batch work.

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