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Diebold 9900 Financial ATMs

In-Lobby Teller Terminal (ILT)

Now you can have efficiency and convenience without sacrificing consumer acquisition, engagement or retention.

The Diebold IN-LOBBY TELLER TERMINAL (ILT) combines the speed and accuracy of a self-service terminal with intelligence from your core systems.

The Diebold 9900 links to the staff within the bank to provide the ultimate in around-the-clock service and tailor to various types of advanced transactions. Delivers true flexibility in self-service transactions to meet consumer demands.

High cash capacity and recycling drive speed and efficiency

Self-service, video-assisted and teller-assisted service options are delivered in a single configurable, extensible unit to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Concierge capabilities can be added to assist consumers via tablet or via video and audio link using XPRESSION™ automation technology. Frees up tellers for personalized transactions that deepen account relationships and create sales opportunities.

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Diebold 7700 Series

Full-Function ATM Terminals

Flexible automation that drives customer growth and retention.

From cash and coin dispensing to intuitive deposit automation, the Diebold 7700 series is designed to appeal to even the most harried of consumers.

It allows them to conduct their business quickly and efficiently, while dealing with the advanced technology they’ve become accustomed to in the retail environment – securely and cost-effectively.

The reliability from the ActivCash™ dispenser delivers industry-leading cash cassette capacity, reliability and cash over the keyboard. The ActivMedia™ module accepts up to 75 combined notes and checks via a single slot. A 19” consumer display pairs with a 7” secondary display for personal data entry.

Enhanced security options and improved operations made possible by data analytics and intelligent, vertically-integrated cassettes that are chip-enabled for storing critical information such as denomination, cash capacity, access history and even health status.

ActivCash™ dispenser delivers industry-leading cash cassette capacity, reliability and cash over the keyboard.

Improve customer connectivity with options including a 19” SVGA or 15” TFT color consumer display; optional privacy filter, function keys (15” display only) and sunlight-viewable backlighting and one-to-one marketing. Security is enhanced when you add the optional ActivEdge secure card reader with industry-first anti-skimming technology, in addition to other EMV-compliant card reader options.

Optional contactless card reader, fingerprint reader and 2D barcode scanner meet the growing expectations of the evolving consumer.

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ATM as a Service

Is navigating on your own through the complex world of self-service fleet management really the answer?

Diebold’s ATM as a Service is the ideal packaged solution that allows you to reduce costs, increase availability, improve productivity or your organization, accelerate technology, meet compliance and regulatory mandates and protect the security of your customers and financial institution. You concentrate on core competencies and refocus on advancing your business, instead of the burden of maintaining a complex self-service network.

  • Business Process outsourcing services
  • Maintenance services
  • Managed services

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Did you know?

We specialize in ATM wraps

Your ATM will be a powerful marketing tool with affordable, custom-designed ATM wraps.
High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM helping owners build transaction volume, increase fee income, and advertise products and services to new customers. Studies show ATM branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location.

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