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Heritage ATM Kiosk

Drive traffic to your ATM with attention-getting, protective kiosks! Cornelius Systems is a certified dealer for Heritage, the world leader in ATM kiosks.

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Heritage Kiosk

Ultra-strong frames with unprecedented strength are the result of our unitized construction . . . similar to that used by the racing industry. Kiosks are designed for long life and constructed with relocation in mind. Each kiosk is treated with a marine epoxy primer, numerous layers of automotive paint and a high gloss clear coat finish that is graffiti resistant. The final finish is constantly termed “outstanding” by our customers.

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Keep-it-Simple Manual Turntables

Your employees will appreciate the safety and protection from the weather you receive with our manual turntables. Cash replenishment and FLM is done conveniently from inside the kiosk. One person can rotate your ATM 90 degrees to the service position. We’ve eliminated the need for motors, cables, chains, or electronic devices to rotate the ATM, which means those problems go away.

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Surrounds, Panels and Toppers

Cash Dispenser – Enhance your ATM Kiosks and give the installation a professional finish that helps sell your service with our surrounds, panels and toppers. Extended, lit canopies increase transaction counts while protecting users from the elements.

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ATM Wraps

Your ATM will be a powerful marketing tool with affordable, custom-designed ATM wraps. High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM helping owners build transaction volume, increase fee income, and advertise products and services to new customers. Studies show ATM branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location.

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