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Cornelius Systems is a nimble, privately held company established over 45 years ago. We take pride in developing lasting relationships by delivering superior Financial Services solutions and supporting them through our customer-driven, direct service organization.

Cornelius Systems

Founded in 1971, the company provided sales service for Brandt, Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of money handling solutions. Brandt was acquired by De La Rue in 1993, who spun the company off as Talaris in 2008. Glory Global Solutions acquired Talaris in 2013 to become the largest provider in the world of teller automation solutions.

about-intro-map About us Cornelius Systems continuously represented this emerging company throughout the entire period. During this same period, we expanded our sales and direct service organizations beyond our roots in Michigan by acquiring  businesses in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Diebold-Nixdorf in 2013 was added as our second primary provider and the company today represents a small, strategic group of suppliers that have established themselves as leaders in their areas of expertise.

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Cornelius Systems

Without you, we don’t exist. We want to surround our customers with the care and attention you deserve, and to think of us as, “myCornelius.” Our second generation is continuing this tradition through the caring leadership of Todd Cornelius, President and Chief Executive Officer and David Cornelius, Executive Vice President.


Transforming money handling for 45 years

Cornelius Systems is committed to continuing its 45-year history as a trusted partner to Midwest financial institutions and non-banks. We embrace this era of branch transformation and the changing retail payments environment, we are committed to maintaining our reputation as your trusted partner whenever you think of financial companies & financial services.

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